Matter of Matters ᴹᴹ




question of matter

matter of question
substance of meaning
purpose of substance
meaning of reason
matter of everything


Matter of Matters is a synthetic physicolinguistic theory which regards language as matter with physical properties. This matter forms everything in the world, obeys physical laws and can be researched and analysed by methods of natural sciences.

The stream
of consciousness
is the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind.    


A dynamic and fluent state, speech constantly changes its shape but cannot be as unlimited as thought. It has certain volume and weight. It is the most ‘acoustic’ state of all which forms waves like normal liquid. Speech and thought much easier absorb molecules (words) from another languages and change much faster. Nevertheless these changes are rapid and do not last long, unless they are not sealed in the solid state. It is also much easier to manipulate with foreign language matter in its liquid state.

   ↘ fragments of solid texts


One of the basic states of language matter. Described as something non-material, amorphous, infinitely expanding. It is shapeless but can take any shape and fill any volume, it is non-material, almost untouchable, ungraspable. A thought or an idea can fill the whole available volume, spread over big distances and get through tiny holes. Just like compressed gas, a suppressed thought can be dangerous and explosive.

Keep the conversation
flowing freely.

It's on
the books,
set in stone.

Comparison of sound diagrams:
Croud of people talking / Small water stream


The least dynamic and the most steady state. Originally not so flexible and easy to change as the first two, but the firmest one. In solid form, texts can stay unchanged in the same condition for hundreds years. Solid language matter can be easily collected and preserved. A thousand years old solid stone plate with carved text is the typical and the simplest example of it and the core of human culture.

reacts on
digitalization and
dematerializiation processes currently happening
in our lives.



Can we change our understanding
of language by investigating it
with methods of natural sciences?

An attempt
at materialization
of a core of human communication:
a language.

↘ origins of matter

Fig. 1.
Phase transitions of language

Fig. 3.
Technical devices for registration,
transmission and synthesis.

Fig. 2.
Human devices for registration,
transmission and synthesis. 


 “Words are constantly buffeted by opposing
forces of destruction and creation.” 

Through The Language Glass
by Guy Deutscher

↘  material samples archive

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